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Tails and skull destashing

As part of the studio cleaning, I am putting up for sale anything I don't *need* in an attempt to thin out the clutter. These items came from Renn Faires way back when I was in high school. I've since found myself bothered by animal items that I don't know the origins to. I am making the choice to sell off anything I don't know for a fact came from humanely hunted or obtained animals.

This includes:

A horse tail 'belt'
One large coyote skull, all teeth intact
Three fox tails, black, white, and red.

I am open to reasonable offers. Everything is in excellent condition.
 OK, so I'm tossing out a request to any and all LJ watchers, friends, folks who just tune in from time to time...I need your help.

Our oldest cat, Peaches (16 and some change yrs old), is not doing so well. He's always been on the skinny side, but now is losing weight despite eating normally. He sleeps more, which is normal for a cat his age, but is acting odd. It seems like dementia or Altzheimers...he sits upstairs in the hallway or bathroom, staring off into space blankly. He occasionally meows/yowls for no apparent reason. When I go upstairs to snuggle him, he seems surprised to see me there, but quiets down and cuddles with me happily enough. He's eating normally, and not drinking more than usual nor flooding his litterbox. (signs of diabetes) 

We've spoken with our vet, who has suggested starting out with kitten food to get extra calories in him and see about improving his weight. If this doesn't work we'll have to look into blood tests and such, to see if we can't discover the problem. I'm really hoping the food does the trick, not just for finances but because hauling him to the vet to be poked and prodded stresses him out quite a bit. 

Where you all come in is this. I am a firm believer in positive thinking and good energy. So if you all could just spare a moment of your day thinking good thoughts for Mr. Peaches, o him healthy and happy and doing well.....that would be amazing. If you know other 'pet parents' or animal lovers, spread the word. We aren't asking for money, or donations....just a few seconds of our time to wish another creature well and hope/believe in their recovery. Peaches has been with me, and my best friend, for nearly half of my life. I can't imagine my life, or this house, without him. Yes, I know nothing lasts forever, but I'm not convinced our boy doesn't have a few good and happy years left! Sp please, if you can spare just a moment of your day, or a few to help spread the message, I'd be eternally grateful.

Thank you all so much!


Out of touch

 To anyone trying to get in touch with me, I'm going to be un-reachable for a few days. Have some family stuff that really needs dealing with. Should be back online early next week.

Super fabulous.....

 So, I had a friend point this gentleman out to me, and fell absolutely in love. He's the most outrageous and sweet guy I've ever seen on this show. I really hope he wins, everything about him screams Vegas headliner.




So, we've been adopted, yet again.

The  hubby and I were visiting some friends this weekend for a birthday shindig. Said friends live up by way of Groton, near the sub base. They live in a condo complex that has wooded area around it, separating their place from other housing. 
Now anyone who knows anything about military housing probably knows one of the inherent problems. People get pets. People's significant others get pets. People are re-stationed, sent overseas, or break up with the significant other. So what happens to the pets?
In far too many cases, these animals are simply dumped outside and left to fend for themselves. Domesticated animals, un-prepared for life 'in the wild'. Some are fixed, some are not. Some cats are declawed. Some just have never been outside in their lives and have no clue how to take care of themselves.
Well, we ended up coming across one such cat. She is a black and white long hair, and when my beloved came outside she went running over to him, head butting him, purring, and nearly leaping in the air to meet his hand for pets and attention. To say this is a friendly cat is a vast understatement. The funny part is, if her black bits were grey, she's be almost a dead ringer for Tiger, our cat that passed recently from cancer. I looked into my husband's eyes, and knew darn well what was going to happen.
Our friends kindly lent us a cat carrier, which we used to bring her home. She's currently being kept in a large crate completely separate and quarantined from our other pets. I'm hoping to get her in to see the base vet tomorrow, for shots, a checkup, and feline leukemia/HIV testing. She's in rough shape, and severely underweight. She's got a small wound on her left front arm, which I've been keeping clean and applying antibacterial ointment to. Her coat is so matted from lack of care that I'm working slowly with a clipper and brush combo to clear them. She's super sweet and patient, but there are large chunks that are coming out and leaving mostly bare skin behind. She's also missing half of her top left canine, looks like it was broken off. Which makes me think impact trauma, which in turn makes me think she was kicked/thrown or something of that nature. 
Through all of this, she hasn't turned mean or skittish. Quite the contrary, she's the most loving and gentle cat I've met in a long time.
So, I'm going to see what the next few days bring. I'll see what the vet charges for the visit, and will most likely be posting a journal for anyone who would like to help donate even a few spare dollars towards her care and rehab. Goodness knows, we're going to need all the help we can get, since finances aren't great. But honestly? What else can you do? Yeah, I know you can't save em' all, but maybe we can save this one. And really? That's a start.

Something to share

 Quick journal to give y'all a head's up. I created a new LJ community to make a place where my fellow crafters/greenies/hippies/earth lovers can gather and share ideas, photos, stuff they've made, collections....whatever they'd like that  expresses their love and curiosity about this big beautiful planet of ours. Hoping to get folks who will showcase their Native/Primitive crafts, and possibly offer up some goodies for trade or sale. So if this sounds like it might be up your alley, check it out!

Aaaand now, back to work! *trundles back to the Art CAve*

Sad news

 Last night, one of our furry children, Tiger, passed away. He was Clint's boy, and had been with him for over a decade. Tiger had been suffering from an unknown degenerative illness that the vet, despite his best efforts, could not diagnose. Yesterday evening Tiger Walker left this world held in the arms of someone who loved him with all of his heart. He will be sorely missed, and was a warrior until the end, leaving this life the same way he came into it....growling like a fighter. 

I will be offline for a few days, spending time with my husband and the rest of our family/children. 


Random cute puppy is random

Dunno, just felt the desire to post a cute pic of Jacob as a puppy. He was so little! 12 weeks old, 10lbs. Now, at about a year and a half, he's almost 70lbs! And of course still thinks he's a lap dog. ^_^ Snuggle puppers. <3

*Sigh* They grow up so fast......

Fark fark farkity fark farkin fark fark!

 So Clint's car has put putted it's last. Upon bringing it to the mechanic, we got asked "Does this car have any particular sentimental value?" Ut oh.....not a good start to the diagnosis.

Long story short the car would cost substantially more to fix than it's worth. Like, by more than double. 

So today we did something neither of us have EVER done before, as all our previous cars were inherited from relatives that didn't need them anymore or purchased from friends. We went Car Shopping. 

It was....an adventure. One that ended fairly depressingly. The upside is we got to test drive a Prius. I cannot adequately verbalize the pure awesomeness of this car. It was soooo quiet, you almost didn't know it was running. And 48mpg city? Hooo yes please!

Downside? The asking price is 16995$ for a 2006 with 6k miles on it. Which according to the dealer leaves us at 329$ a month with 1000$ down. Hmmmm.....financing rape? Why yes, thank you, and could you bend over just a little mo....oooooo, yeah, that's the spot. 

So for now, online research. Then we gird our loins and meet our foe on the field of battle, armed with online statistics and blue book values. 

Madness? This. Is. Car Shopping!!!!!!!!!